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Melted Egg Toast with Baked Beans

Melted Egg Toast with Baked Beans

Ingredient A :3 tsp margarine1 red onion seed (finely chopped)2 garlic seeds (ground)1 tsp black pepper powder2 tsp meat curry powderIngredient B: (Main ingredients of Baked Beans gravy):400 gm of meat2 large tin TC BOY Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce1 tbsp sugar1 tbsp flavoringSalt to tasteWater to tasteIngredient C: (Garnish)Toast

1 egg1 tomato - diced1 green chili  - diced1 large onion  - diced1 lime - halvebread

Instructions1. Saute all ingredients A and add ingredients B.2. Mix all ingredients and mix well.3. The dish is ready to be served together with toast bread. It can also be served with slices of large onions, green chilies , tomatoes and lime.

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